B4SchoolFUN Diversity Statement

At B4 School Fun, we appreciate the importance of creating an environment in which all can feel valued, included and empowered. Our show reflects our audience as we are all diverse in our identities and beliefs.

We recognize that each person’s unique experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints across our society are critical to creating a diverse and empathetic culture that engages and inspires viewers all over the world.

Our diversity and inclusion policy.

Leading and managing inclusively – embracing different cultures, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations
B4 School Fun is actively referencing reverence to our indigenous talent, male and female characters, gender neutral environments and exploration of many multi-cultural customs.

Creating a work environment that fosters growth and advancement with our diversity policy extending to behind the cameras and sets
Engaging with our audiences in a way that reflects and respects their unique perspectives, experiences and diverse lifestyles
Our diversity and inclusion policy will be assessed annually to ensure they align with our business and talent objectives.

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